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Tweet Screenshot #1214400285600301061

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Twitter Status ID1214400285600301061
Full TextIt's all In the Mind,I've Chosen To Blow This Year! #Screenshotthis #2K20
Created AtTue Jan 07 04:16:05 +0000 2020
Twitter User ID3311907021
Twitter User Screen NamePhrimpongSongs
Twitter User Name#TheSalaryEP OUT NOW🔥
Twitter Source ID3311907021
Twitter Source Screen NamePhrimpongSongs
Twitter Source Name#TheSalaryEP OUT NOW🔥
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{"data": {"created_at": "Tue Jan 07 04:16:05 +0000 2020", "full_text": "It\u0027s all In the Mind,I\u0027ve Chosen To Blow This Year! #Screenshotthis #2K20", "id_str": "1214400285600301061", "id_str_source": "1214400285600301061", "url": ""}, "user": {"id_str": "3311907021", "name": "#TheSalaryEP OUT NOW\ud83d\udd25", "screen_name": "PhrimpongSongs"}, "user_source": {"id_str": "3311907021", "name": "#TheSalaryEP OUT NOW\ud83d\udd25", "screen_name": "PhrimpongSongs"}}

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