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Tweet Screenshot #1219710764170149888

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Twitter Status ID1219710764170149888
Full Text"Serg has nothing going on for him." That just adds on to my drive. #SlowAndSteady #KeepItLow #ScreenshotThis
Created AtTue Jan 21 19:58:01 +0000 2020
Twitter User ID419300237
Twitter User Screen NameSergElizaldez
Twitter User NameSimba
Twitter Source ID419300237
Twitter Source Screen NameSergElizaldez
Twitter Source NameSimba
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{"data": {"created_at": "Tue Jan 21 19:58:01 +0000 2020", "full_text": "\"Serg has nothing going on for him.\" \nThat just adds on to my drive. \n#SlowAndSteady #KeepItLow #ScreenshotThis", "id_str": "1219710764170149888", "id_str_source": "1219710764170149888", "url": ""}, "user": {"id_str": "419300237", "name": "Simba", "screen_name": "SergElizaldez"}, "user_source": {"id_str": "419300237", "name": "Simba", "screen_name": "SergElizaldez"}}

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